March 5, 2013

About Skumba

Skumba Music is one of the fastest growing South African music library services.  Skumba currently represent 29 local selections of vibrant and exciting libraries under it’s umbrella all designed to suit any television, film or radio productions. Skumba Music boasts over 17 000 quality South African music compositions and over 350 000 international titles.

Our wide range of music features the catalogue of Original African Vocal recordings dating back to the 1960’s.  With a host of various musical genres, Skumba Music library offers ranges featuring bush drums, kwaito, house, african jazz, film scores, hip hop, modern beats, sports theme logos and much more.

Music plays an intergeral role in all aspects of life, and it is believed that each and every visual has its own suitable music, for this reason Skumba has forged and continue to maintain an excellent relationship with a diverse range of South African composers including Philip Miller, Peter Ngobese, Dumisani Maseko, Bongani Fassie and Claude Ndlovu to name a few.

Skumba Music supplies numerous television programmes with well matched music, these include popular shows Generations, Noot vir Noot, Open Varsity, DTV, Soccer 411, Intersections, Spirit Sundae as well as a number of films and documentaries.

We strive to promote and showcase our South African music heritage, and continue to broaden our South African catalogue.

Our music is also available on the re-cue system.

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