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Now that we have seen an increase in local content on our local radio stations, will we see a similar change on our local television channels surrounding local programming and films?

Currently it is uncertain as to whether there will be a content shift on TV such as there has been on our local radio stations. However, in recent weeks major broadcaster SABC suggested that in the months to follow, they intend to increase their local content offering on television. One would only imagine that an increase in local television content would surely see an equal increase in local production library music being used within these programs and films. This assumption appears to be a valid one considering that ICASA recently outlined that their increased local content quota regulations, stating that commercial radio and TV will have to source 35% of music they play from local artists (an increase from what was 25%), further to this, the public and community TV and Radio Stations mandate requires them to source 60% of all music and content to be sourced locally (an increase from 40%). It would be in every TV producer’s best interest to be prepared for such a shift if (or when) it happens.

When creating new content, it is imperative to ascertain whether the usage is covered under the blanket license. It is helpful to know that any TV program/film and the music usage thereof will be covered under the blanket license provided that the program/film is solely intended for flight on local broadcasters MNET, SABC or ETV. Productions such as advertising, cinema productions and promo’s are not covered under the blanket license. The music usage on productions of this nature are subject to broadcast mechanical rates set out by CAPASSO, which are attainable on their rate card. Should you find yourself within budget constraints, it is useful to know that Library/Production music is a very cost effective alternative to licensing a popular commercial piece of music.  Not only is it a cost effect alternative, in our modern day and age, Production Library Music is of very high quality with top composers and film scorers building up a large catalogue of their own production music libraries.

Once you have ascertained whether your production will or will not in fact be covered under the blanket license, you may ask yourself ‘where would I source this music from and if applicable, who will assist me in acquiring the broadcast mechanical rights and CAPASSO Rates?

The answer lies within the creative team at Sheer Publishing, who bolster the vibrant, exciting and diverse music library Skumba Music. Director of Skumba Music, Mandrew Mnguni, believes that each and every picture has it’s own suitable music, to create, set and sustain a mood within a scene. For this very reason they are committed and determined to supply you with the highest quality music you specifically require, as well as assisting you through the process of ascertaining whether the music usage you require, is blanket license related or to a broadcast mechanical fee in accordance with the CAPASSO Rates.

“Skumba Music boasts an impressive catalogue of well over 300 000 pieces of high quality music from a variety of genre’s and themes, including: Film Scores, Orchestral Tension Builders, Drones, Kwaito, House, Traditional African Drums, Afro-Jazz, Hip Hop, Urban Themes, Ambient and Ethereal Soundscapes, Action Sequences, Trailer Toolpacks and a unique catalogue of orginal Traditional South African recordings dating back to the 1960’s as well as many more!” Says Skumba Music Director, Mandrew Mnguni.

Each and every album is neatly packaged into genre and theme specific albums under renowned composers & film scorers such as Philip Miller, who composed the score for emmy award winning documentary ‘Miners Shot Down’ as well as multi Canadian Screen Award winning series ‘Book of Negroes’, Brendan Jury, who has scored music for South African films iNumber Number, ‘Nothing for Mahala’ and ‘Love Is A Four Letter Word’ as well as having composed music for a wide variety of commercials and advertisments for top brands such as Audi, Vodacom and South African Airways and Peter Ngobese who composed all of the logo’s and stings for the SABC News and has music placements on a host of top South African TV series.

The Skumba Music Library is also easy to search and navigate through, according to Zwelibansi Sisilana, Senior Creative Liaison at Sheer Publishing… “The library is easy to use via our specifically designed search engine, which allows users to search via Genre, Track Name, Mood, Composer, Track Description, Publisher and Artist. This function ultimately saves a great deal of time  when conducting music searches, which we all know is a huge factor within our time  constrained industry.”

The team at Sheer Publishing believe that when working on very time constrained productions, it is of every TV Producer/filmmakers best interest to work with a team of music creatives that are commited to delivering your musical needs at an impeccable turnaround time. – Brett Vorster

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