April 22, 2014


What is RECUE and a Music Cue Sheet?

Very simply , a music cue sheet is a reporting form which logs the usage of music within various types of Productions , Stage Shows , Audio Visual Presentations , Radio broadcasts, Television broadcasts and various others.

Based on music cue sheet information, publishers , artists , composers and musicians are paid royalties for the use of their musical works in these various productions.

In the past , this was a manual process , whereby a production secretary or the like would have to fill in the relevant information on the music cue sheet.

Enter RECUE. The RECUE service is a web based , music cue sheet generator which employs various time saving methods and systems to facilitate the accurate and speedy completion of music cue sheets. In some cases, a large part of the process is completely automated which is a huge time saver.

Currently the main system is free to end users who simply need to log and submit their cue sheets to the various interested parties involved. The system has customizable and preset delivery mechanisms which are expanded regularly. If you are a large organisation which would like a more comprehensive interface for RECUE , please contact us. We can customize a solution for you. For the rest , just enjoy simplified music cue sheet reporting.


How To Guide for Recue Automatic Cue Sheet Generator.

1. Sign up for Recue with your own login information.

2. Label Music tracks in audio software with an asterisk (*) in the track

3. In Pro tools Go to file > export > Session info as Text.


4. In Final Cut Pro Go to File > export > Final Cut Pro XML.

5. Place that export somewhere easy to find, the desktop is easiest.

6. Go to www.recue.biz

7. Login in with your information.


8. Create New Project (Top left corner)


9. Type appropriate Project Name and click add new project.


10. Back at the home page click the “select a file” at the top of the page under “Create Automatic Cue Sheet”. From the dropdown select your file type that was exported from your audio software or video editor.



11. Assign the imported file to the correct project that you created earlier.


12. Choose a template for the cue sheet, for your purposes use the Mnet


13. Once the file is imported your cue sheet will have been generated from the metadata available on the recue system.


14. Please then check the information that has been entered into the cue sheet and ensure that it is correct. If it isn’t it is possible to edit the cue. Click the check box next to the incorrect cue and the click edit in the bar above the cue.


15. Enter the correct information in the following page and if there are multiple occurrences of that particular clip a global edit can be done if the information is incorrect for each instance of that clip by checking the box titled “Perform edit on matching region ID’s” in the top right


16. Once the information is correct click “save row”.

17. This takes us back to the cue sheet page, where a next button appears. Click Next.


18. The next page requires you to enter all the required information based on the actual production, the production company, the studio and the broadcaster. Please fill in all this information as accurately as possible and once the information is entered correctly save the entered info as a template for future use.



19. Once all the required information is filled in a next button will appear.

Click next.

20. The next page that shows will send out the cue sheet to all those specified in the information you just entered. It will send one to the production company, your own studio, the broadcaster as well as NORM. This cue sheet can also be accessed at any time by logging back on to your recue account. Click “send to selected recipients to send out the cue sheet.



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